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Aerospace Industry

In today's volatile and competitive market it is essential for aerospace companies to work with suppliers that will provide cutting-edge technologies at a fair market price. The industry is plagued with high expectations but a dwindling number of resources to provide solutions. As a result, aerospace companies are looking for a partner to provide products and services that reduce weight, increase strength, reduce drag and lower part count.

Watlow offers decades of experience in applying innovative products and services to the market. Watlow provides tried and true products such as thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors, silicone rubber, cartridge, cable and polyimide electric heaters to name a few.

Watlow utilizes its experience in the aerospace industry, as well as the experience it gathers from working in other high tech industries such as semiconductor processing and medical and analytical equipment to provide the best solution for your application requirements.

Watlow can help engineer heating and temperature sensing solutions for the following aerospace-related applications.

Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Production and Test

Civil and Military Aircraft

Aircraft Engines

Spacecraft & Satellites