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On-Engine Diesel Applications

Whether your application requires temperature sensing for fluids, cylinder heads, turbo inlets and outlets, or electric heating systems for fluids or intake air pre-heating burner systems—we can customize an
on-engine solution that fits your application needs.

Watlow's temperature sensors communicate with the engine control unit (ECU) using CAN, LIN, PWM or analog outputs. Sensors are engineered to handle harsh diesel environmental demands including vibration, contamination and temperature extremes. Durability has been proven with over one million sensors operating in diesel applications. 

Please contact us today to learn how Watlow can design an on-engine solution to meet your diesel application needs.


Fluid sensing

Measures the temperature of oil, fuel, water or engine coolant and provides a signal to the powertrain control module to prevent degradation of fluids over time. It resists moisture, oil and contaminants in all heavy-duty applications including outside applications exposed to harsh weather, oils and other extreme moisture environments.

Cylinder head temperature sensors (CHT)

Measures the cylinder head temperature and signals the vehicle operator or engine control module if an engine or a specific cylinder begins to overheat. The engine is at risk of permanent damage if it continues to run at an elevated temperature.

Hybrid Thermocouple
Provides the same solution as the ENVIROSEAL HD temperature sensor and adds design capabilities for high horsepower and high vibration applications.

EGT sensor for turbo inlet and outlet hybrid thermocouple

Hybrid Thermocouple
Measures exhaust gas temperature (EGT) to prevent turbo failures and/or damage to the exhaust valves and pistons.

EXACTSENSE® Thermocouple
Provides the same solution as the hybrid thermocouple and adds a fast response taper tip and control area network (CAN) J1939 digital output capabilities.

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