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Warming Cabinets and Steam Tables

Cast-In Heater used in the foodservice industry

Watlow knows when it comes to your warming equipment, you care about energy savings. That is why we offer several efficient heating and sensing options with NAFEM approved cooking computers for your serving and warming applications.


Depending on your specific application needs, Watlow offers four heater types in a variety of constructions for serving and warming equipment:

Controllers and Cooking Computers

Watlow's MINICHEF® 2000 was the industries first on-off or PID configurable temperature/time and machine function controller. This cooking computer is pre-programmed for multiple applications and ready to be installed. The MINICHEF allows you to control several commercial kitchen applications at once.

Watlow has temperature and safety limit controllers are perfect for warming cabinet and steam table that require simple on-off control. The SERIES CV includes an operator interface for viewing and selecting the set point, where the SERIES CF has fixed set points and are supplied without an operator interface.

Power Switching

The E-SAFE® II hybrid power switch provides reliable, accurate power switching at high amperage and high ambient temperatures in foodservice kitchens. Watlow's E-SAFE II eliminates the risk of toxic metals in conjunction with food because it is mercury-free. EC requirements are making it so mercury is eliminated in all foodservice components. In addition, the E-SAFE II has extended contact life in a compact in size making it ideal for the tight quarters of steam tables and warming cabinets. Plus, E-SAFE II is RoHS-compliant by design.


Watlow's ENVIROSEAL™-HD sensor keeps out moisture, oil and contaminants and is perfect for steam table applications. The ENVIORSEAL-HD has a time response of two seconds and is designed with a submersible and 1200psi pressure-wash rated seal, which protects the sensor.

Watlow's RTD tube-style (RB) sensors and thermocouples work well in serving and warming applications. RTD Style RB can be found on page 100 in the Watlow sensor catalog. They are sealed, have dependable readings, customized diameters (0.125 to 0.250 inch), quick time response and a durable rigid sheath.

Rigid sheath thermocouples provide protection and accurate placement through water-tight bulkheads. Threaded fittings and encapsulated styles are also available. The PFA encapsulated style is corrosion resistant and is sealed to improve moisture resistance.