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Watlow's WATROD® tubular heaters used in upright dishwashers

Upright dishwashers typically feature a choice of tank heat, electric steam coils or direct steam injectors. Watlow utilizes WATROD tubular heaters in two equipment areas in upright dishwashers. Watlow controller and sensing units are used as well in upright dishwashing units.


Watlow manufacturers WATROD round tubular heating elements for use in dishwashing and warewashing applications. The first heating element is a WATROD acting as the electric heat component in a steam booster heater. The WATROD gives even and accurate heat distribution, which is essential for the booster heater to perform its job efficiently. The second type of WATROD element used is an immersion heater that heats the water used to clean the dishes. It is imperative dishes are cleaned and sanitized at an optimum temperature. The WATROD is chosen for its flexibility and accurate heating.

Temperature Controllers

Watlow's EZ-ZONE® PM controller offers solutions to reduce system complexity and lower the cost of control loop ownership. You can configure the EZ-ZONE PM as a discrete PID controller with adaptive tuning, as a discrete, agency approved, over/under limit controller, or as an integrated control loop solution by combining the PID functionality, over/under limit functionality and high amperage NO-ARC power switching output in a single panel mount package.

Power Switching

The E-SAFE® II hybrid power switch provides reliable, accurate power switching at high amperage and high ambient temperatures in foodservice kitchens. Watlow's E-SAFE II eliminates the risk of toxic metals in conjunction with food because it is mercury free. EC requirements are making it so mercury is eliminated in all foodservice components. In additions, the E-SAFE II has extended contact life in a compact in size. Plus, the E-SAFE II is RoHS compliant by design.


Watlow's ENVIROSEAL™-HD sensor keeps out moisture, oil and contaminants and is perfect for dishwashing and warewashing applications. The ENVIORSEAL-HD has a time response of two seconds and is designed with a submersible and 1200psi pressure-wash rated seal, which protects the sensor. Watlow also offers a standard thermocouple with Teflon® shrink fit with a potted cold end seal, which keeps the moisture out.