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Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical Instrumentation

Watlow understands that the thermal component of analytical instrumentation is critical to your success. That is why we have specifically designed heaters to improve the performance of your thermal system. We understand that features like low electrical noise, non porous materials and rapid temperature cycling can make your design work and help your product pass all the safety and regulatory hurdles it faces in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Depending on the type of instrumentation and materials being analyzed, process temperatures generally range from 300 to 600°C (572 to 1112°F) with some environmental monitoring instrumentation operating over 1000°C (1832°F). Watlow has a variety of solutions that cover the range of process temperature. ULTRAMIC® 600 advanced ceramic heaters are excellent for injectors in gas chromatographs and ion sources in mass spectrometers, while cartridge and tubular heaters may be used calorimeters. Ceramic fiber heaters are great heater solutions for environment monitoring applications.

Watlow's integrated thermal solution teams have core competency to combine a heater component with sensors, controllers and other mechanical components to provide turnkey solutions. The EZ-ZONE™ ST integrated control loop integrates temperature process with power control to provide a compact, high-performance solution.

Watlow provides thermal solutions for analytical instrumentation and thermal analyzers such as: