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Biotechnology Research

Biotechnology Research and Clinical Diagnostic Instrumentation

The clinical diagnostic instrumentation market consists of laboratory instruments that perform tests on human blood and other body fluids. Instruments are used in hospitals, clinics, commercial laboratories and alternate test sites. The market is divided into two major segments biotechnology and clinical laboratory diagnostic equipment. Biotechnology equipment is a class of equipment or devices concerned with the extraction, replication, amplification and sequencing of DNA from genes.

Most biotechnology and clinical applications require an operating temperature at or near body temperature 37°C (98.6°F) where incubation and transfer of fluids is required as part of the process. Watlow understands how important temperature uniformity and accuracy are to the effectiveness of this equipment. Increasing the throughput (tests per hour), decreasing of size and pushing down costs have driven tighter requirements for temperature accuracy and repeatability.

To meet the changing technology requirements, Watlow has developed high precision heater solutions such as flexible, cartridge, thick film and cable. Plus, Watlow's controller solutions are based completely on modular designs concepts. Watlow's design teams work closely with you to develop thermal assemblies while reducing design times, costs and offering logistics support for the final product.

Watlow provides thermal solutions for biotechnology and clinical diagnostic equipment such as: