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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Watlow has over 30 years experience servicing the life science industry with custom electro-mechanical controllers. We offer complete design services from concept through design and into manufacturing and aftermarket support. Our core competencies in thermal solutions give us the ability to design integrated heater, sensor and controller solutions that are not possible for most custom control design houses.

Watlow's custom control electronics offer OEMs innovative solutions for both thermal and non-thermal application requirements. Watlow's technological expertise in microprocessor technology, combined with multiple I/O applications including RTD, thermocouple and thermistor input for precise temperature measurement. In medical applications we have designed and manufactured Tenzcare pain relief units, gas monitor systems, oxygen controls, patient warming control systems and other medical applications.

Watlow offers very precise microprocessor technology, leading edge communications, temperature measuring capabilities, control algorithms and communications systems that are Ethernet-compatible. Watlow's custom controller solutions are ISO-9001 compliant and are designed to meet all UL®, CSA, CE and VDE certifications.

Electro-mechanical design capabilities include:

Custom Control Platform

Watlow has a unique approach to providing fast and cost-effective design and prototype services for custom controllers in clinical diagnostic and analytical instrumentation applications. Our custom control platforms enhance reliability, reduce agency approval time and protect our customers from the potential pain involved with electronic component obsolescence. The platform is based on a reuse concept where core controller modules, such as power supplies and sensor inputs, are common to most of our standard and custom products. The designs are robust, pre-qualified and have agency approvals. Overall Watlow has the ability to leverage design and manufacturing quantities across a large customer base, which makes Watlow able to manage component obsolescence issues and service the life cycle of your product more effectively.

Watlow's controllers provide a means to network the thermal aspects of your life science process. Watlow can support your conductivity requirements with DeviceNet™ Over Can, EtherNet/IP™, Open Can, Modbus® or RS232.