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Photovoltaic Applications

Even the best products have limited value when not properly applied. To complement our extensive product portfolio, Watlow® brings a wealth of application knowledge and experience. Whether via consultative sales and field engineers or product specialists and systems engineering experts, we can provide the level of application support you require. From help in choosing the correct thermal solution to developing complex thermal subsystems, we can tailor our support to meet your needs.

Poly-silicon Reactor

Watlow circulation heaters bring big power in a small package to pre-heat raw poly-silicon prior to casting. Watlow Type R sensors can provide accurate temperature readings and robust features in the harshest poly-silicon reactor environment.

Substrate/Laminate Pre-Wash

Don't let dirty substrates or lamination layers reduce your yields or provide a lamination gap where contamination ingress may occur. Watlow CAST-X circulation heaters can heat up 20 gallons per minute of aqueous cleaning solution without coming in contact with the heating element. Utilize this unique thermal subsystem as part of your OEM solution or to boost your installed washing equipment effectiveness.

Pre-heat Chambers

Quickly and evenly heat substrates from ambient to process temperatures using Watlow large panel heaters. Whether you pre-heat conductively in atmosphere or radiantly in vacuum, we have a heating solution for you. Utilize Watlow EZ-ZONE® temperature controllers and temperature sensors to maximize the performance of your complete thermal subsystem.

Thin Film Deposition (Front Side / Back Side Contact, Absorber Deposition)

Temperature uniformity is the key to assuring consistent thickness during deposition of the contact layer. Watlow radiant panel heaters can be custom engineered to meet your system level needs. Various heating technologies can be employed to create custom heating circuits that produce industry leading temperature uniformity.

Diffusion Furnaces

Watlow's DIN-A-MITE® power controllers utilize "soft-start" circuitry that makes them ideal for use with high power / high temperature infrared heater lamps. DIN-A-MITE power controllers are offered in a variety of configurations in order to provide the right combination of cost and performance for your original equipment or aftermarket furnace applications.


Even cross-linking of polymers is a direct result of uniform heating. Non-uniform heating can lead to varying degrees of cross-linking within a given module. Areas with less cross-linking are more susceptible to ingress of moisture or other contaminates that can damage the module. Custom engineered single- or multi-zone Watlow conductive heater plates combined with integrated Watlow temperature sensors can provide optimized uniformity across large lamination surfaces.


Combine conventional Watlow tubular heating elements with the DIN-A-MITE's zero-cross burst firing power control feature to create a high reliability heating solution for use in furnaces and autoclaves designed for reducing residual stress and finalizing the lamination process.