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Hot Runner Systems

Watlow Plastics Processing

In hot runner systems, temperature uniformity is critical to insure balanced melt flow delivery for part-to-part consistency as well as preventing runner obstructions and material degradation.

Watlow's history is highlighted with numerous innovations and thermal expertise for hot runner systems. The first to patent the cartridge-style heater in 1954, the tradition continues with a broad offering of both traditional and high-end products to meet the demands of this plastics processing segment.

Processors also realize enhanced production efficiencies due to the added hot runner precision of the thermal profile as well as reducing cycle times, material scrap and overall system costs.

Watlow combines over 80 years of thermal system development with expertise in finite element analysis (FEA), allowing molders to optimize the thermal profile of their molds and the internal wattage distribution of heaters to insure that the most favorable patterns are realized.

Regardless of the nozzle or manifold, Watlow has the solution to meet the need.


Hot runner applications include: