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Plastics Industry

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Specification Sheets (42)

0.058-Inch Mini-Cable Nozzle Heater .pdf121K 
1/8-Inch FIREROD® Cartridge Heater .pdf706K 
316 Stainless Steel Heaters .pdf793K 
375 Finned Strip .pdf1,056K 
Base Metal Thermocouple .pdf1,195K 
Basic Temperature and Limit Controllers .pdf267K 
Cable/Coil Heaters .pdf1,076K 
CLS200 Controller .pdf183K 
Coiled Nozzle Heaters .pdf290K 
DIN-A-MITE A .pdf323K 
DIN-A-MITE B .pdf312K 
DIN-A-MITE C .pdf965K 
DIN-A-MITE D .pdf323K 
EHG CL Process Controller and Safety Limit .pdf872K 
EHG SL10 Process Controller and Safety Limit .pdf4,350K 
E-SAFE® II Hybrid Power Switch .pdf565K 
FIREROD® Bolt .pdf61K 
FIREROD® Cartridge .pdf658K 
Flange Immersion Heaters .pdf711K 
High Temperature FIREROD® .pdf102K 
High Temperature Tubular Heater .pdf332K 
Metric FIREROD® Cartridge .pdf643K 
MI Strip .pdf606K 
Mineral Insulated Band Heaters .pdf819K 
Mineral Insulated Thermocouple .pdf80K 
Moisture Resistant MI Band Heaters .pdf81K 
Multicell Insertion Heaters .pdf1,147K 
MULTICOIL Tubular Heaters .pdf1,012K 
POWER SERIES Controllers .pdf409K 
RAYMAX 1120 Radiant Heaters .pdf429K 
RAYMAX® 1010 Radiant Heaters .pdf75K 
RAYMAX® 1220 and 2030 Radiant Heaters .pdf225K 
RAYMAX® 1330 Radiant Heaters .pdf77K 
RAYMAX® Family of Radiant Heaters .pdf151K 
Series CZR .pdf578K 
SERIES LS Safety Limit .pdf504K 
Silicone Rubber Heaters .pdf550K 
Solid State Relay .pdf501K 
Thermocouples for General Applications .pdf518K 
Thick Film Conduction Heaters .pdf907K 
TLM-8 Thermal Limit Monitor .pdf535K 
WATVIEW HMI Software .pdf734K 

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