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Temperature Controllers and Connectivity

EZ-ZONE RM & Silver Series OIT

In addition to the right heater and temperature sensor designs, precise thermal control can only be accomplished with temperature controllers having control algorithms optimized for a specific application. Watlow's family of EZ-ZONE® controllers combine temperature, process, limit and more to complete the thermal loop. Thousands of semiconductor applications have given Watlow the expertise to select the best control solution for your applications.

Our controllers not only provide precision closed loop control, but also provide a means to network the thermal aspects of the semiconductor process. Networking gives the process engineers a means to predict system performance changes and take corrective action before a significant drop in wafer yields can occur. Watlow temperature controllers support communications via Standard Bus, DeviceNet™, Ethernet/IP™, PROFIBUS, Modbus® TCP and Modbus® RTU.

Watlow also provides a range of products for control systems including touchscreen Silver Series Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) that support user-friendly operation, alarm indication, data logging, and monitoring of equipment and systems.

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