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Design Services

Frequently, the complexity of thermal subsystems is underestimated during product development. The result can be frustrating late in development when it is found that the equipment simply won't meet the thermal performance specifications. When schedules are tight and a major redesign of the equipment is looking more and more like the only option, Watlow can save you time and money.

Our design staff is experienced in thermal systems including heating, temperature sensing and temperature controlling technologies and the manufacturing capabilities of these products. We work by blending their thermal expertise with the existing capabilities of your engineering team- allowing you to concentrate on other critical system arenas. Our engineers are available to complement your team at any stage of your project from concept through prototyping and beyond project completion.

Based on our insight derived from computational engineering, Watlow can quickly convert a concept to a manufacturable design by using state-of-the-art solid-modeling tools. In addition, by collaborating with the experienced Watlow engineers throughout the process, we continuously can focus on design for manufacturability to further help ensure a successful project outcome.

Our skills include:

System Level Design and Development Services:

Electronic Subsystems:

Thermal/Mechanical Subsystems:

Measurement Subsystems:

Reliability and Maintainability:

Integration and Test: