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Gas Delivery and Pump Line Thermal Solutions

ASSURANT Pump Line Heaters

Controlling temperature of gases delivered to a vacuum chamber and out the pump lines is essential as the industry develops new processes. Platform based tools are designed to increase throughput, but also increase the thermal management challenges involved with providing consistent deposition and etch processes. Yields increase and preventative maintenance frequency can decrease when delivery and exhaust gases are controlled within the prescribed process parameters.

Watlow's gas line and pump line heating systems were developed to provide flexibility in designing optimum heating systems. Vacuum chamber plumbing systems can create a thermal challenge because of varying thermal mass, constricted spaces and last minute layout changes. Watlow gas line heaters and SERIES EHG temperature controllers are standard solutions for hard to heat gas delivery lines. Integrated as a complete package, Watlow components reduce design time and system costs. Solutions with fast delivery for abatement applications are possible because Watlow has over one thousand standard heater configurations in our design files.

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