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COMPOSER® with INTUITION® is Watlow’s new, easy-to-use software for configuring and customizing controllers. Use it to optimize Watlow’s F4T, EZ-ZONE® PM and EZ-ZONE® RM controllers for specific applications. Task-specific views simplify all aspects of commissioning new controllers including managing the inputs and outputs from pluggable flex modules, setting up functions such as control loops and alarms and creating and editing profiles. COMPOSER software is included on the “Watlow Support Tools” DVD and available for download at www.watlow.com.


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Description:  Software for configuring Watlow controllers
Supported Controllers:  F4T with INTUITION®, EZ-ZONE® PM, EZ-ZONE® RM and EZ-ZONE® RUI
Operating Requirements:  Windows® 10, 8.1, or 7
Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in each category. Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number.

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Function block diagram with live data and error indication
  • Enables application-specific configuration of controller functions
  • Depicts the configuration visually making it easy to understand
  • Indicates process values and errors simplifying validation
Multi-language support
  • Prevents errors by communicating with users in their own languages
System image files contain complete configuration
  • Makes it fast and easy to duplicate settings from one controller to another
  • Simplifies sending configurations to remote sites
  • Provides backup of settings to restore if settings are changed or controller is replaced
Dashboard view
  • Makes it easy to connect to controllers
  • Clearly indicates when there are configuration errors that need to be addressed
  • Allows downloading configuration files without allowing access to setup and configuration views
Configurable interface
  • Lets users adjust window sizes and positions to work efficiently
Profile editor
  • Speeds up profile creation and editing
  • Allows maintenance of profile list in controllers from a remote PC
  • Makes it easy to move profiles from one controller to another
Fast, reliable Ethernet support
  • Easily connects to one or more controllers
  • Minimizes time to read and write configuration settings
Pluggable flex module management
  • Simplifies configuration by clearly indicating which hardware is present
  • Shortens commissioning by allowing user to configure controller for flex modules prior to installing them
Security configuration
  • Allows OEMs and supervisors to limit permissions to specific features
  • Controls access via COMPOSER and controller
  • Prevents errors and reduces downtime by preventing undesired configuration changes

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Composer with INTUITION
Composer with INTUITION