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The Watlow TLM (thermal limit monitor) series is a compact, cost-effective thermal limit monitor solution for multi-channel, redundant temperature monitoring. Each TLM has eight channels to continuously monitor thermocouples, RTDs, or thermal switches, making it ideal for multi-zone applications. Choose an individual temperature limit for each channel from the standard list or consult the factory for other limits.

The thermal limit monitor is equipped with flexible interlocks, which are designed to interface with redundant controls. The alarms latch and require operator intervention to clear for process and equipment protection. Semiconductor capital equipment OEMs will find these features ideal for meeting SEMI S2 safety guidelines.

The TLM is compact and easy to install on a panel or a DIN-rail. No cutout is required, reducing installation and fabrication costs. Troubleshooting is simplified through a self-test diagnostics input, which simulates the alarm state. The TLM-8 is FM approved as a temperature limit switch, bears the CE mark (LVD and EMC Directives) and is UL® and C-UL® listed.


Max Limit Loops:  8
Max Monitor Channels:  0
Alarms:  1
Mounting:  DIN-panel
Max Output:  8A
Ambient Operating Range:  0 to 60°C  (32 to 140°F)
Agency Approvals:  UL®, C-UL®, CE, FM
Communication Protocols:  n/a
Remote Limit Reset:  No
Warranty (years):  3
Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in each category. Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number.

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Multi-channel monitoring
  • Eight channels in one package make the TLM ideal for multi-zone applications
Multiple sensor types
  • TLM accepts six thermocouple types, RTDs and thermal switches (0ne per sensor type per TLM unit)
Selectable alarm limits
  • TLM-8 can be ordered with a different temperature limit on each channel
Compact, easy to install, sub-panel mounting
  • Reduces installation time
Flexible interlocks
  • Interfaces with redundant controls; ideal for SEMI S2 applications
Self-test diagnostics
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
Latching alarms
  • Protects process and equipment
CE, UL ®, C-UL® and Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals
  • Global acceptance for safety and EMC compliance

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TLM 8 Controller
TLM 8 Controller