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WATVIEW is Watlow's Human Machine Interface (HMI) software designed to set up and monitor one or more Watlow® controllers. With easy controller setup, a recipe and alarm manager, data-logging and trend plot graphing capabilities, animated custom overview screens and a superior online help system, you can be assured that WATVIEW HMI software is the ideal software for your application.


Description:  Human machine interface for Watlow controllers
Supported Controllers:  See spec sheet
Operating Requirements:  Windows® XP
Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in each category. Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number.

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Easy program setup
  • Scans all available communications ports and baud rates for supported controllers
  • Detects which controllers are connected to the computer
  • Automatically configures with appropriate setup screens and help files for detected controllers
Controller specific setup and spreadsheet overview screens
  • Simplify monitoring and adjusting controller parameters
  • Display settings for multiple channels and controllers
  • Present parameters according to controller's menus
Recipe manager
  • Stores commonly used controller settings
  • Speeds up repetitive controller setups
  • Backs up 'snapshot' of your settings against data loss
Calender-start function
  • Automates processes by downloading recipes automatically in a one-time or repeating schedule
Alarm Manager
  • Makes alarms easier to understand with customizable, plain text messages
  • Aids in troubleshooting by time stamping and logging alarms
  • Streamlines alarm management by allowing monitoring, acknowledging and clearing alarms for multiple controllers
Data-logging and trend plot graphs
  • Reduce labor and increase accuracy by automating data collection for the parameters you choose
  • Simplify process adjustments and troubleshooting by graphing up to 20 data items together on a graph and save time by exporting to data to Excel®-compatible spreadsheet files
  • Provide flexibility by allowing users to name, save and choose for display from any number of graphs
Colorful, animated custom overview screens
  • Reduce errors by making displays specific for the application
  • Decrease training time and simplify operation by makign screens intuitive with digital photos and even animations
  • Speed commissioning with simple custom screen editing
Webserver for Windows® XP Professional with Microsoft® Personal Webserver
  • Improves access for supervisors by displaying data and graphs remotely in a standard browser
  • Reduces maintenance, increases utilization and repair downtime by allowing remote access
  • Maintains security with password-protection of changing controller settings

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