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Contact Temperature Sensors Guide

Watlow contact temperature sensors come in a variety of types and constructions. Types include:

Constructions cover the wide variety of packages available to meet specific application needs.

Watlow Thermocouples

Tube & Wire

Good, general purpose thermocouple available in a wide variety of constructions and mounting methods. Over 5,000,000 stock variations available for next day shipment. Fiberglass insulated Type E, J, K and T thermocouples capable of temperatures up to 900°F (480°C). Available as a probe, washer, pipe clamp, shim, melt bolt and grommet sensor. Mounting methods include bayonet, flange, nozzle, magnetic and peel-and-stick. Thermocouple probes come in straight, forty five and ninety degree bend constructions.

Thermocouple Applications

Mineral Insulated

Mineral insulated thermocouples are fast responding and durable, capable of temperatures up to 2200°F (1200°C). Available in a variety of sheath materials and diameters to meet environment and response time needs. Exposed, grounded and ungrounded junctions meet response and electrical isolation requirements. ASTME 230 available in calibration Types E, J, K, N and T with a variety of sheath materials for environmental protection. Terminations include a variety of standard and mini plugs and jacks, connection heads and more. Mountings include fittings, bayonets and thermowells as well as weld pads on select styles.


Special Applications

Capable of temperatures up to 4200°F (2315°C). Available in Types B, C, R and S with a wide selection of sheath and insulation materials to meet specific application conditions. Probe style construction offers application flexibility. Unique multi-point thermocouple permits a single sensor assembly to measure thermal gradients. True surface thermocouples offer superior accuracy for measuring flat surface temperatures.


Base Metal

Well suited for metal processing, chemical and storage tank temperature measurement. Type J and K calibrations are capable of temperatures up to 2300°F (1260°C). Constructions include insulated wire, bare and ceramic insulated elements. Thermocouples with protection include straight and angle types with connection heads and a variety of materials to meet application needs.


Noble Metal

Platinum alloy thermocouples Types B, R and S are capable of temperatures up to 3100°F (1700°C). Available as bare elements, elements with insulators or assemblies. A typical assembly includes a head, alumina insulators and a protecting tube.


Watlow RTDs & Thermistors


Platinum resistance elements ensure precise and repeatable temperature measurement and deliver interchangeability without recalibration. A wide temperature range of -328 to 1200°F (-200 to 650°C) makes RTDs suitable for many applications. Single element with, 2-, 3- and 4-wire constructions address lead wire resistance considerations. Available in a wide variety of probes including thermowell and optional connection head constructions. Versatile mounting methods extend application flexibility.



Available in negative temperature coefficients, with temperature ranges from -112 to 570°F (-80 to 300°C) in a range of base resistances. Constructions include probe, open air, cartridge, surface mount, bayonet and more.