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Thermal Solutions for Medical and Analytical Applications

Watlow Thermal Solutions for Medical and Analytical Life Science Applications

Expertise in thermal solutions for medical devices and analytical instruments has been a Watlow hallmark for decades. As an extension of your business, Watlow provides an engineering team dedicated to solving your application requirements. As your life science partner, Watlow offers worldwide manufacturing and distribution, as well as superior application support.

Scientific discoveries and new technologies play an instrumental role in how the industry has changed and is changing for you and your instrumentation requirements. Watlow understands the technology changes and is designing and manufacturing thermal solutions with industry requirements in mind. Because Watlow designs and manufactures a wide range of thermal solutions specifically for this industry, our expertise is always growing. By partnering with Watlow, you can take advantage of a broad selection of thermal components designed to work together for optimal efficiency.

Watlow's Global Thermal Component Leadership

Watlow is the world's largest electric heater, sensor and temperature controller manufacturer with 12 manufacturing facilities and over 40 technical support centers in Asia, Europe and North America. As a global company, Watlow supports international design guidelines and agency approvals. Watlow manufactures thermal solutions that meet agency approvals including, RoHS, W.E.E.E, CE and UL®. We have hundreds of factory-trained sales engineers and distributors located throughout the world. Our sales engineers are available to complement your team at any stage of your project from concept through prototyping and in production.

Watlow Provides Products and Services to the Following Life Science Segments

Medical: Patient Care and Surgical Devices

Since patient safety is a top priority, Watlow provides thermal solutions that include flexible, cartridge, cable and ULTRAMIC® advanced ceramic heaters, along with Watlow safety limit controllers that are designed and manufactured to the equipment's mechanical and electrical isolation characteristics.

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Analytical Instrumentation

Because analytical instruments vary in type and in the material analyzed, the process temperatures can vary a great deal. Watlow offers an array of product solutions such as ULTRAMIC 600 advanced ceramic, cartridge, tubular and ceramic fiber heaters combined with temperature sensors and controllers to provide turnkey solutions.

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Biotechnology Research and Clinical Diagnostic Instrumentation

With all of the changing technology requirements in the industry, Watlow has developed precision heater and controller solutions that are based on modular design concepts. Watlow works one-on-one with you to develop thermal assemblies, while improving design times, cost and logistic support.

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Laboratory and Sterilization Equipment

Because Watlow manufactures temperature controllers with advanced control algorithms to provide stable and repeatable temperature performance along with user-friendly interfaces, Watlow has been the preferred supplier in providing temperature control systems for laboratory equipment.

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Custom Control Platform

Watlow has a unique approach to providing fast and cost-effective prototype services for custom controllers in clinical diagnostic and analytical instrumentation applications.

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