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Integrated Multi-Function Controllers

Integrated multi-function controllers are a new class of instruments that combine temperature, process and machine control, over- and under-temperature limit protection, high amperage power switching, safety disconnect and field communications into a single package. A variety of modular form factors and display types provide the convenience and reliability of utilizing a single component in place of several.

Temperature and Process Controllers

Temperature and process controllers are used over a vast range of industrial, scientific and commercial applications. These controllers automatically adjust outputs based on sensor feedback working in concert to control process variables such as temperature, flow, pressure and relative humidity, as well as, to achieve an optimized and stable process.

Limits and Scanners

Limits monitor systems and respond to over- or under-temperature conditions. Agency approved limits provide safety assurance and protect people and property by shutting off power in the event a limit is tripped or exceeded. .

Watlow | Solid State Power Switching Devices

Power switching devices, such as stand-alone power controllers, deliver power to electric heaters and other loads when current and voltage requirements exceed the capabilities available in discrete temperature and process controllers. These devices perform supervisory and diagnostic functions to identify overload conditions, open and short circuits or other unsafe operating conditions. Watlow’s solid state power switching devices work in combination with Watlow’s PID temperature controllers to maximize process control, load performance and heater life.

Operator Interfaces

Operator interfaces provide users with easy-to-use access and control of a machine, instrument or process. Advanced models include features such as a touchscreen, color graphical display, data logging, graphing, password security and field communications. A wide variety of interfaces and form factors are available to compliment Watlow controllers.


Indicators display temperatures and other process values on bright, easy-to-read displays in user-selectable units. Simple operation and design for a broad range of operating environments makes them ideal for applications such as food preparation, industrial machine control, analytical instruments, packaging and plastics.

Data Loggers

Data loggers record data over time for quality control and compliance with regulation. Solutions include personal computer software with the ability to log data acquired from instruments such as temperature and process controllers in addition to hard-wired devices. Logged data can be transferred to personal computers for post-process analysis via a variety of transfer mechanisms


Software is used to communicate with temperature and process controllers and other instrumentation. Offerings include configuration software to set up and control product configurations. This also includes trending and data logging HMIs to monitor and operate turn-key systems.


Accessories complement, protect and ensure a long life for temperature and power controllers. They provide interfaces for users and third-party products. They also enhance the ability of products to meet a broader rage of application and agency requirements.

Control Panels

Control panels designed to link with Watlow immersion and circulation heaters

Controller Selection Guides

Product Selection Guides - Temperature and Power Controllers