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Watlow's temperature and process indicators are ideal for displaying measurements of temperature and other process variables; such as flow, pressure and relative humidity. They are moisture resistant and include bright, four-character LED displays, user-selectable temperature units, sensor break protection, agency approvals including UL®, CE, RoHS compliance and multiple mounting options such as DIN-rail or panel mount configurations.

Product Mounting Display Height
EZ-ZONE PM Integrated Multi-Function EZ-ZONE® PM 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 DIN front panel 0.41 in. (11 mm) to 1.60 in. (41 mm)
EZ-ZONE RUI Gateway EZ-ZONE® RUI and Gateway 1/16 DIN, DIN-rail Upper: 0.40 in. (10mm) Lower: 0.24 in. (6mm)
SERIES TM SERIES TM DIN-rail, DIN-panel 0.28 in. (7.11 mm)