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Temperature and Process Controllers 

Watlow's temperature and process controllers offer easy-to-use, accurate and reliable solutions for applications requiring single and multiple loops of control.

Temperature and process controllers include one or more sensor inputs with open-loop break detection and multiple outputs for control and alarms. Various configurations offer auxiliary analog inputs, automatic tuning, TRU-TUNE®+ adaptive control, and ramp and soak profiling. Output options include analog process, switched DC and mechanical, solid state and no-arc hybrid relays. Other features include countdown timer, user-customizable menu, burst fire output control, failed heater/load detection and NEMA 4X (IP65, IP66).

EZ-ZONE controllers offer additional features and options including application blocks with timers and counters, on-board data logging, SENSOR GUARD backup to protect loads should a sensor fail, AUTO CLONE™ automatic configuration backup and restore, standard bus communications, wide ambient-temperature operating range, Class I, div 2 rating, SD card expandable memory, USB connectivity and free configuration software.

Product Control/Limit Loops Mounting Profiling Max Output Communication Protocols
EZ-ZONE RM Integrated Multi-Function EZ-ZONE® RM 152/192 DIN-rail 15A Standard Bus, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus® TCP, Modbus® RTU
EZ-ZONE ST Controller EZ-ZONE® ST 1/1 DIN-rail 75A Standard Bus, Modbus® RTU, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP or Modbus®
SERIES F4 Ramping Controller SERIES F4 Ramping 2/0 1/4 DIN front panel 2A Modbus® RTU
SERIES F4 Process Controller SERIES F4 Process 1/0 1/4 DIN front panel   2A Modbus® RTU
EZ-ZONE PM Integrated Multi-Function EZ-ZONE® PM 2/1 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 DIN front panel 15A Standard Bus, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet,™ Profibus DP, Modbus® TCP, Modbus® RTU
EZ-ZONE PM Express Controller EZ-ZONE® PM Express 1/1 1/32, 1/16 DIN front panel   15A Standard Bus
SERIES CV SERIES CV 1/0 DIN-rail, Front panel   8A n/a
SERIES CF SERIES CF 1/0 DIN-rail, Front-panel   8A n/a
EHG SL10 Integrated Multi-Function Controller SERIES EHG® SL10 1/1 In-line/Sub-panel   10A Modbus® RTU
EHG Integrated Multi-Function SERIES EHG® 1/0 In-line   10A No

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Watlow's EZ-ZONE RM integrated controller has a range of 1 to 16 modules controlling 1 to 64 loops. View this video to see how the EZ-ZONE RM can be used as a temperature controller, limit controller or hybrid controller.