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Mineral Insulated Cable 

XACTPAK® mineral insulated cable is ideally suited to solve a wide variety of problem applications. The outer sheath is made from malleable metal in a wide range of diameters, containing single or multiple solid conductors. Easily formed or bent, it can accommodate virtually any configuration. The outer sheath protects the thermocouple from oxidation and hostile environments, and the mineral insulation provides excellent high temperature dielectric strength.

Product Description
XACTPAK Mineral Insulated Cable XACTPAK® Mineral Insulated Cable XACTPAK cable is fireproof, high pressure rated, cold and thermal shock resistant, gas tight, moisture proof, formable, weldable, corrosion resistant and high temperature rated. Diameters down to 0.01 in. (0.25 mm) and temperature ranges from 32° to 2700°F (0° to 1480°C).

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