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Watlow offers a full line of accessories to accommodate your varying sensor requirements. These support products can be used to install and maintain your temperature sensor assemblies.

Product Description
Fittings Fittings A variety of sensor mounting fittings are available such as fixed, adjustable, non-adjustable, compression and bayonet style.
Thermowell Thermowells Thermowells provide a pressure-tight connection at the point of installation. They are suited for applications where the sensors are not compatible with the environment.
ACC Protection Tube Protection Tubes Metal constructed protection tubes offer high thermal conductivity for fast, precise readings. Ceramic tubes resist deformation, corrosion, abrasion and oxidation
Connector Connectors Many varieties of thermocouple connectors are available from Watlow. Watlow's broad offering includes benefits such as high impact strength, fast installation, and high temperature capabilities.
Connection Heads and Blocks Connection Heads and Blocks Watlow offers standard cast iron or aluminum, explosion proof, and polypropylene heads. Terminal blocks are available to complement the connection heads.
Transmitter Transmitters Watlow’s temperature transmitters offer accurate measurement and improved reliability which reduces downtime and costs. The two-wire signal conditioner is constructed using surface mount and digital technology.

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